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window tintingCar stereos can provide entertainment in a variety of different situations, such as long road trips, driving to work, or keeping your kids entertained while running errands. Without a stereo in your car, you may find the drives feel longer and your eyes get a little sleepier. Here at Automania Electronic Cafe, you can feel great knowing that you can find one of the best cat stereo installation services in the area.

Our car stereo installation service works directly with the shape and model of your car. Not every car is the same and neither are their stereos. Installation comes with careful analysis of which speakers you want in your car as well as the quality of stereo your start out with. We can help with you custom automotive interiors and also with golf carts!

In addition, we provide car window tint services and residential window tinting services. Whether it be for aesthetic purposes or to shield your eyes from the glare of the sun, our window tinting service will be sure to give you the film you’re looking for. For more information on all of our services and products, contact Automania Electronic Cafe in Portsmouth, OH today!

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